Say Goodbye to Google Adsense Direct


Google began sending messages to their publishers informing them that Google Adsense Direct will be discontinued on November 25, 2014. As many of us recall, Google launched Adsense Direct 9 months ago as a quick and easy solution for publishers to do direct ad sales within Google AdSense.

Many publishers loved the idea as it offers a simplier way to do direct ad sales compared to Google’s DoubleClick for publishers and other ad systems. But Google might seen this the other way around since they plan to discontinue this solution in November.

Here’s the email sent by Google:

Dear Publisher,

Thank you for participating in the early trial program for the AdSense Direct link. After analyzing the results of the initial testing period, we’ve decided not to move forward with this beta feature. We want to thank you for trying it out and giving us your valuable feedback throughout the process.

We recommend that you remove the URL for the AdSense Direct link from your site or sites by November 25, 2014. Advertisers will no longer be able to book campaigns through the AdSense Direct link after this date.

We are constantly working to improve the AdSense product to provide you with the best experience possible. Stay tuned for new trial opportunities!

Sincerely, The Google AdSense Team

Vhic Hufana II

Vhic Hufana is ReBuildSEO's owner and founder, an SEO consulting firm. He is an SEO, web designer and coder.

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