HTTPS not a ranking factor for Bing

ssl-rankingboostWith Google saying moving to a HTTPS will boost your SEO, more and more webmasters are moving to to a secured version of their site. A lot of folks are buying SSL certificates just to comply with this new trend. However,HTTPS not a ranking factor for Bing- thats according to Bing had Vincent Wehren, the Lead Program Manager for Bing Webmaster Tools.

Google and Bing was on-stage on the SMX East answering questions during the Q&A for search engines. Vincent Wehren, the Lead Program Manager for Bing Webmaster Tools was there to represent Bing while on Google, Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst and Search Quality Engineer was there. Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land asked Vincent Wehren if Bing have plans of having HTTPS as a ranking factors like Google. He said Bing wants to:

“give searchers content they want” and if we brought HTTPS into that, it would mess around with the rankings based on no real relevancy factor.”

Google, however, stayed on their claim that moving to HTTPS will give owners or webmasters a boost to their site.

Vhic Hufana II

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