Did Google Kill the Sitelinks Search Box?


One of the hottest issue in SEO today is the Sitelinks Search Box. For some reason, the search box no longer appears on many brand searches. Did Google drop the sitelink search box? The said feature was launched in 2014 and has been shown for many sites in the mobile and desktop search results.

Webmaster’s took the opportunity of using it by adding the required scripts from Google. Many SEO’s and webmasters say that they have seen a tremendous increase in traffic when they updated their websites to be compliant to this Google feature.

The sitelinks search box showed a search box in the search results snippet for some sites that lets you search within the site, like a site command but in the Google search results.

The ReBuildSEO team tested it by searching for brand terms of known websites where you’d typically find the box but it is not showing up for us either.


Vhic Hufana II

Vhic Hufana is ReBuildSEO's owner and founder, an SEO consulting firm. He is an SEO, web designer and coder.

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