Are We Experiencing a Google Panda 4.2 Reverse Update?


Webmasters are talking everywhere about a Google Panda 4.2 reverse update based on the ranking changes that their websites and clients are currently experiencing. Based on historical data from these webmasters, the positive impact that they saw during the Panda 4.2 roll out were being reversed.

A member of WebmasterWorld is saying that he is seeing a Panda 4.2 reverse and many members seems to agree with him. Others however are saying that since its a slow roll out, the changes were not final yet. I seem to agree with him since everytime there’s an update, it usually take some time before we really see the permanent change.

What about you? Are you experiencing similar results?

Vhic Hufana II

Vhic Hufana is ReBuildSEO's owner and founder, an SEO consulting firm. He is an SEO, web designer and coder.

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